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Simple Debt Settlement

Simple!TurnKey Debt ™ provides a simple, no obligation consultation, by conducting a quick analysis of the unique situation you are in. Our expert Debt Advocates will go over the options available to bring about a change in your credit habits and enable you to have no debt at the end of the program. Our mutual goal will be for you to tell us what works best for you. Work with you on realistic goals.

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"Thank you TurnKey Debt for helping me and my family out of debt. I really don't think we would have ever got out of debt without your help, and will surely recommend you to anyone that needs help."

- Janet L., Minnesota

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"Thank you TurnKey Debt. It's the first time in 14 years, that I am free of debt and in the process of buying a home for my family. We ended up saving over 61% and completed the program in under two years. This is great."

- Carlos A., Texas

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"After 3 years in counseling and getting nowhere with our debt, we heard your commercial, now 2 years later, our debt is down by half. Thank you so very much for your help and courtesy."

- Susan & Frank, California

Debt Relief

Debt Settlement -
More often than not, one of the quickest options for getting out of debt. Debt settlement uses negotiators from the banking arena to work with your creditors to negotiate a settlement that is sometimes as little as 15% of the balance owed. Since bankruptcy is something that most people want to avoid, debt settlement is often the best option.

Credit Card Consolidation -
This is known as a debt consolidation loan. This option takes your credit card debt and replaces multiple loans with a single loan. The payment on this new loan is usually lower and the term is longer, providing some relief to the high interest credit card debt. However, the credit card consolidation path more often than not uses your home or car or boat as security. This is pretty much a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit.

Credit Counseling Services -
One of the more common options for debt relief. This is similar to debt settlement in the way that the credit card debts are negotiated, and the interest rates reduced. The payments are made to the credit counseling company. Instead of making multiple payments to multiple creditors, you make one payment each month. In this way, it is similar to a credit card consolidation loan. However this program takes over 10 years to complete, and is not so much different than a chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy -
When someone is in debt, he should try to avoid bankruptcy. The debt relief options above have achieved this goal. Bankruptcy laws have changed in the past few years, making it more difficult for debtors of all kinds, credit card debtors among them, to really resolve the issue at hand.

Credit Card Consolidation

The TurnKey Debt Relief Education Center is a wealth of various articles with diverse information to educate the consumer. We feel that the more informed a customer is, the decision to move forward will be dont with much more confidence on his part, and will help him avoid bankruptcy, and make the move to start the process.

Debt Relief Through Credit Card Consolidation

Many Americans are looking for debt relief of sorts in their lives. This is because we all have different kinds of debts. When it comes to paying off debts, credit card debt negotiation is the first step. Of course, you want to lower the high interest debts aside first, so that you'll have more money to pay towards the principal.

Although making payments towards paying off credit cards may be overwhelming at first, when you speak to an expert about credit card consolidation, you'll quickly learn that the path is much clearer and that the goal is very near. Remember, the first step is the most important one, and that's where most people stall. Make it today. Make that call.

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